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This should be a very busy time for us designers, most clients can’t decide what they want and leave us with no time to do it. Long hours and a lot of coffee makes for a fun time of year! mainstreethost


A lot of companies are going crazy now for the holiday rush trying to get their ads out to push the consumer to their local retail stores. There will be many late hours worked by graphics people in the next 6 weeks. My company is very experienced with helping their clients get through the season. I would like to hear some of your horror stories about this crazy time of the year.

Can this new world of social networking be a advantage for your business? Well I think it can be very advantageous to business everywhere, it just has to be used in the right way. A company called has helped me and I can see results in only 60 days. We need keep a open mind to the new technology and do our homework on the advantages and disadvantages. Asking for help is a good thing for all the technology in our world today. There are so many avenues with social networking you can reach thousands of potential clients in a much shorter period of time than we used to only 10 years ago. So just embrace it and enjoy the harvest.

Now that the TV manufacturers have finally introduced the Internet built into your TV a lot more people will be surfing the net and have more control over what they watch and when they want to watch it. I think this will capture even more people to sites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix & everything else it offers. You can also get help with how to to this from companies like and you can post your family photos on-line so the your whole family can see them no matter where they live. This will be a big hit I think.

A Day In The Life Of A Designer

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My life as a designer has evolved over the years to the point that I wonder if this profession will be around in the next 20yrs. The computers today make it easier to design and that can be both good and bad. Anyone at their home computer thinks they can be a designer, which actually makes it harder for us professionals. Customers who want a high quality job sometime think they have to go through a ad agency to get what they want but they can get good quality through a printer with a graphics department. Plus they will pay a lot more through a agency.

A static website is written in simple HTML and may contain CSS and Javascript. A dynamic website is written using a server-side language, like php, asp, aspx/, coldfusion/.cfm and may use a database to display or store information.

I personally love it, the developers at adobe hit a home run with this version.
My company, just can’t say enough about it.
The 3D text option is way cool, a lot of options to choose from.
I would like to hear what others think of it.